Helmets and Goggles

Soviet Army and Russian Air Force military protection helmets, special airsoft goggles, also leather pilot helmets, paratroopers, airborne and soldiers steel head protection metal Kaska with camo covers, VDV jump helmets and more.

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USSR Airborne troops old combat helmet, made for Soviet paratroopers VDV. Like new condition, never ..
Vintage military tankman helmet from Soviet Army. Made of canvas, used for some times on Russian mil..
Those helmets were made for Soviet pilots during summer flights. Like new, never used. The helmet is..
Tactical protection glasses 6B50 designed to protect the eyes and the face of serviceman from fragme..
Combat tactical goggles 6B34 provide protection against splinters, bumps and short-term exposure to ..
Genuine Russian Air Force pilot Soviet Union goggles. The original, closed vented type, protective w..
USSR military pilot leather goggles. New, never used, the goggles come in metal case. Original Sovie..
The newest anti-fragmentation goggles 6B50 recently adopted by the Armed Forces of the Russian Feder..
Military cover for 6B47 modern Ratnik helmets, Russian Digital camouflage pattern. With connections ..
Military helmet cover for 6B27 Russian army helmets (also adjustable for other helmets), digital cam..
Tactical airsoft goggles 6B34 provide eye protection against splinters, bumps and short-term exposur..
PNV-10T Russian military night vision device for sale, generation 2+, it is designed for night obser..
Like new, never used. These helmets were made for Soviet Air Force pilots during winter flights. The..
Russian Altyn bulletproof helmet replica. Made of plastic. Size L. ..
Russian Army modern lightweight 6B47 helmet with NVG bracket and side rail, made for RATNIK (Warrior..