Food and Tableware

Russian Army MRE, Food plates, Cups, Canteens, Water Flasks, Thermoses and more. Vintage Soviet enamel mugs, canned beef stew and food ration packs.

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Russian military mess kit. Like new condition, never used. Used by Soviet Army soldiers and in Russi..
Soviet Army issue water flask. Used by Russian soldiers and Officers. Made in of aluminiun on USSR m..
Vintage Soviet blue metal Russian cup enamel mug. Mug made in USSR, capacity 300ml. Possible insigni..
Old Soviet green enameled cup vintage metal mug made in USSR, with Artem factory paper inside, 1st g..
This cup made of 100% aluminum and widely used in Russian army during more then one century. You can..
Plate is made of stainless food steel for Russian Army field use, it will not rust or oxidize. Diame..
Russian flask is made of dark glass, perfect condition water flask from Soviet Army, comes with canv..
Soviet Army universal food kettle. Never used mess kit. The set consists of the kettle itself, the f..
Old Russian narrow plates from USSR Army with MO stamp, new old stock unused aluminum dishes. Made f..
The bowl is made of stainless food steel. Made for Russian Army use. New and very practical, lightwe..
New stainless steel thermal cup for sale, made for Russian Army soldiers and officers canteen use. M..
Military surplus white enamel metal mug, made for Russian soldiers. Soviet Army issue. Capacity 300m..
Army food carry thermos TVN 12L is designed for storing and transporting hot food or any kind of foo..
Russian deep soup plates from USSR Army with MO stamp, new old stock unused aluminum dishes. Made fr..