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Russian and Soviet sleeping bags, sapper probes and shovels, field masking net, shock absorbers, Kalashnikov and Mosin shoulder slings, compasses, special biohazard protection uniforms, buy military surplus devices and paraphernalia.

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Original Soviet Army groundsheet, called plash palatka, in Russian плащ-палатка. Like new condition,..
Army bivy bag. Represents itself as a matter of fact a single tent. Used in the special forces of th..
Russian Army camo modern special forces tactical sleeping bag. Pattern - Russian Flora. Made of wate..
Russian army Tactical digital camo First Aid Kit The department of defense 2011  The first-a..
Russian Army tactical protection 2 size set 6b48 Military Special Forces Digital Camo pattern &..
Special military water filter IF-10 6E1 (ИФ-10 6Э1), made for Russian soldiers field use. The filter..
Modern Ratnik multitool 6E6 knife for Russian Army Officers use. Covers of resistant plastic with th..
Russian army soldiers soviet military field sleeping bag. USSR soldiers combat warmed sleeping bag.&..
FES 6E2 flashlight military torch ФЭС 6Э2 with a helmet mount connector, consisting in service with ..
Second generation active headphones GSSH-01 6M2 from the package of combat generation "Ratnik". Head..
Soviet Army issue military shovel used by Soviet sappers and soldiers in WW2 times and in Russian Ar..
Special Russian hiking Adrianov compass, working sharp, worn on the hand. Like new condition, made i..
Individual bandaging package consists of a gauze bandage (7m x 10cm) and two gauze cotton pads (17.5..
A set of elongated underwear consists of a sweatshirt and pants. A sweatshirt with a round neck, an ..
Statutory short thermal underwear from the VKPO kit. It is intended for use by personnel of the Arme..
Russian Army necessaire kit, consists of cosmetics and personal hygiene means, also sewing, cleaning..
Original USSR Army AK-47 shoulder belt. Connected to the Kalashnikov machine guns for hanging on the..
USSR soldiers combat warmed sleeping bag. Like new condition, never used. Designed for Russian soldi..
Independent sources of heat 'AIST 6E3 '- individual disposable warmers. The set includes 4 pieces of..
Authentic Soviet sling for use with Russian Mosin nagant. It has buckle for length adjustment, leath..
Active headphones GSSH-01 from Russian Army ГСШ-01 included in the package of combat generation "Rat..
Army camouflage sleeping bag Ratnik for the military units of special forces. It is made of waterpr..
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6SHA120 digital camo universall shelter designed to protect troops from rain and wind. Russian soldi..
Carpal friction trainer is designed for performing physical exercises: whirling, pulling, compressin..
Digital camo EMR seat, designed for the Russian Army men to sit on the BTR, tanks, cars and military..
Russian Army tactical military masking camo net, size 6 x 3m. Made of cotton. Perfect for combat mil..
Modern army water filter NF-10 (НФ-10), made for Russian militarymen survival field use. The filter ..
Tactical Russian Synthetic camo net - closes the facility by 70%. Net-based with 2-sided film glewn ..
Russian Army military modern camo sleeping bag. Pattern - Russian Digital. Made of waterproof and du..
Russian Army digital camo Soldiers shooting carpet, made for polygon / shooting range Soldiers use. ..