Winter jackets and uniforms from Soviet Army, Russian Armed Forces and more. Also warm airsoft camo, statutory military clothing and warmed suits, pilot jackets, bomber, Afghanka, Mabuta and Flora Army winter clothing.

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New type of Russian military winter digital flora CAMO uniform. Consists of warmed jacket and trouse..
$119.95 $99.95
Modern Police Military Russian Uniform with Overalls. A warm winter jacket is used nowadays by Russi..
Russian Army warm black parka jacket with hood, designed for Army / Navy Officers winter use. Sign o..
$79.95 $34.95
Special high quality popular military all-season FLORA Marines Officer uniform used in Russian Army...
Russian Federation Tankman Military Tactical Uniform with Fur Collar. A warm winter jacket is used n..
Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs Uniform with trousers and hood. A demi-season jacket is used no..
Modern Russian extra warm military uniform VKBO (all-season base equipment kit) Ratnik digital camou..
$149.95 $99.95
Russian Army Olive parka warm Jacket military winter coat with hood, designed for Army / Navy Office..
Russian Army warm blue parka jacket with hood, designed for Army / Navy Officers winter use. Sign on..
Russian Army surplus vest from VKBO kit. It combines thermal insulation function, windproof and mois..
$49.95 $34.95
New military camouflage winter jacket with hood and warm lining. Now used in Ukraine Army ATO anti-t..
Modern Russian BARS Cyclone warm winter / autumn jacket made of membrane fabric with insulation. MUL..
BARS Cyclone winter warn membrane tactical jacket MOSS camo Modern BARS Cyclone winter / autumn j..
Russian Army Generals modern digital camouflage uniform size 56-3 (US 46 regular). Consists of super..
Soviet military style padded jacket, sleeveless variant. Quilted jacket made in USSR times, soft and..
Spectre camouflage winter suit Gorka 3 code camo with hood on fleece lining by BARS factory. Russian..
USSR Army warm military uniform Telogreyka, consists of famous "Fufaika" jacket and pants. Original ..
Those uniforms were used by Russian Officers during the war in Afghanistan and shown perfect militar..
Russian Generals military Flora rip-stop uniform, reinforced and resistant against tearing and rippi..
Russian Air Force Officers winter CAMO JACKET Russian Army camouflage. Extra warm camo jacket with f..
Russian Army military Special Forces winter uniform Mabuta Arctic, consists of jacket with detachabl..
$499.95 $349.95
Extra warm new bluish parka down jacket with fur on the hood, designed for Russian Army high rank Of..
Winter suit Gorka 3 on fleece lining in Russian digital camo pattern by BARS. High quality Gorka BAR..
All-season waterproof jacket "SKLON-M" PREDATOR camouflage. Made of special waterproof fabrics...
Warm winter jacket "SNOW-M" PREDATOR camouflage. It is made of special  waterproof fabric. Comb..
High camo jacket with wide gates. Hood with visor, which is embedded in the plastic to make the toug..
USSR military uniform Mabuta, made for Russian VDV Spetsnaz. Jacket and trousers with warm lining, f..
Russian police special forces OMON uniform set - SWAT. Used nowadays for holding special operations...
Special extra warm military camouflage uniform, made for Ukrainian Army Officers winter use. Consist..
Ukraine Army Military officers camouflage jacket. Winter extra warm camo jacket with fur collar and ..