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Russian and Soviet antiques, patriotic items, marine devices and sextants, old Samovar water boilers and more

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Soviet parade flags USSR with arms and sign CCCP. Vintage small flags were made for parades and demo..
Author's men's handmade bracelet dedicated to the famous saints, miracle workers and healers, it pro..
USSR Naval old compass KT in metal box with torch (connected on the side). The item was made in 1952..
Decorative brass speeds shift knob handle from USSR ship or boat. Nice looking - all new. ..
Soviet pioneers red necktie - the symbol of each pioneer and soviet youth, for many children the pio..
Russian electric water boiler called SAMOVAR. Samovars have been used in Russia for a long..
70 Years Anniversary October Revolution medal with Crusier "AURORA" 1917-1987, new condition. Signs ..
Porcelain FISH decanter + 6 fish wine-glasses. Made in USSR. New, never used. Perfect for drinking R..
New condition star globe with Latin symbols. The celestial globe is essentially a celestial sphere m..
Old Soviet metal Anchor from USSR military boat found in Balaklava (Sevastopol). Though the item is ..
Soviet Navy optical finder PGK-2 is designed to find the compass bearing of an object relative to th..
This Soviet thermograph is designed to simultaneously measure and record on the diagram form of air ..