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Original 50 years Anniversary Russian medal with Kremlin 1945-1995 "50 Years to the Victory in WW2 (..
Russian Anniversary medal dedicated to 65 years anniversary of Victory in WW2 from 1945 to 2010. Bra..
Marshall George Zhukov 100 years Russian anniversary medal "George Zhukov - 1896 - 1996". Original U..
Signs of law enforcement bodies of the USSR.For the employees of the interior of 1935-1936. ..
Order Of The Great Patriotic War (1st Class) - Soviet military award. The Order of the Patriotic War..
This order was established in Soviet Union in 1928, and was rewarded to persons and organisations an..
Commemorative Communist Revolution badge with Vladimir Lenin "KPSS" ("Communist Party of the Soviet ..
Gold star rare award HERO OF SOVIET UNION (replica). On the back side - sign "Hero of USSR" and numb..
USSR Award "ORDER OF THE RED STAR". Established on 6 April 1930, the Order of the Red Star was an or..
"ORDER OF LENIN" - Highest Soviet Award medal given for special merits. High quality Russian replica..
Soviet Revolution badge with Lenin. The badge is new, Vladimir Lenin on Red Star "ALWAYS READY". ..
Soviet Union order Award medal "Order of Stalin". ..
USSR pilots badge with plane, wings, red star, 2 swords and shield. Given to those who graduated Sov..
Soviet Army award Badge "FOR EXCELLENT SHOOTING". The badge is new, hot enamel. ..
The badge is new, made in USSR. Original Soviet item with screw back. ..