GORKA Spetsnaz suits

Gorka tactical uniform (translated as rock or mountain) is a Russian military spetsnaz uniform suit for assault divisions, used by special forces of MVD, FSB, GRU - OMON, ALPHA, SOBR, Vityaz. Gorka-3 anorak BDU first appeared in Soviet Army during the Afghanistan war, then used in Chechnya wars. Now Gorka-4 is widespread in airsoft, hiking, outdoor active rest, as well as Special Forces units use in combat operations because of high quality, practicality and protection from wind, rain and severe weather.

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Modern Russian Partzian / green frog camouflage Gorka 4 tactical uniform suit with hood for mountain..
Military mountain suit Gorka-3 is used by Russian federal troops in Caucasus, Chechnya and similar t..
Mountain suit with hood Gorka 4 black anorak uniform. High-quality Russian military suit with rip-st..
Russian special forces uniform Gorka-4 with new camouflage pattern brown Frog autumn inserts. Five p..
Summer mountain suit with hood Gorka 4 latest model (Anorak). High-quality Russian military uniform ..
$99.95 $84.95
Russian golden leaf KLMK camouflage Berezka yellow oak version of Gorka 3 tactical uniform. These su..
$99.95 $79.95
Modern tactical camo uniform Gorka (translated as Mountain or Hill), made for Russian Army Spetsnaz ..
Russian modern tactical camouflage uniform Gorka 3E Frog pattern, also called Partizan. Translated a..
$89.95 $84.95
Multicam version of Gorka 3 famous uniform, these suits were developed and are still in use by the R..
Costume GORKA-3 (with buttons) Fabric - 100% cotton - tent cloth with VO impregnation. High-q..
Khaki modern tactical T-shirt GIURS (Гюрза), used with GORKA Special forces suits. Tactical GORKA un..
Gorka 3 border guards mountain uniform, this camo is made for Federal Security Service Russian speci..