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This store is integrated with the Western Bid™ e-commerce platform, and Western Bid, Inc. is the Merchant of Record for all purchases made on this store. Therefore, "WESTERN BID" will be listed as the Payee on your PayPal account and credit card statement.

Shipping Information

Processing time of your orders after receiving a payment can take up to 4 weeks due to difficult situation between Ukraine and Russia. When you complete the order and pay for it the items are packed and the package is sent within via AirMail. Shipping is made to the address which is shown on buyer's PayPal account only.
Also, please, consider the fact that due to destroyed infrastructure and all the ensuing consequences Express shipping isn't available

---What is the delivery time:

Delivery time varies depending on your location: nowadays delivery time to Europe and to other continents (USA, Australia, Japan) can take up to 4 weeks.

---Can I have the discount on shipping for multiple items:

Yes, sure it is possible! Shipping discount is available for multiple items when discount code is applied.

---What is your return policy:

If you are not satisfied with the received items: If you are not satisfied with any of received items (for any reason) you can send it back for your own cost. This item must be returned within 14 days after the buyer receives it.

---Any other questions:

Please send e-mail or use our contact page and you will get all needed information!

---How to track the packages:

If you want to track the package : Please go to USPS or UkrPoshta website tracking page and check: