GORKA Spetsnaz suits

Gorka tactical uniform (translated as rock or mountain) is a Russian military spetsnaz uniform suit for assault divisions, used by special forces of MVD, FSB, GRU - OMON, ALPHA, SOBR, Vityaz. Gorka-3 anorak BDU first appeared in Soviet Army during the Afghanistan war, then used in Chechnya wars. Now Gorka-4 is widespread in airsoft, hiking, outdoor active rest, as well as Special Forces units use in combat operations because of high quality, practicality and protection from wind, rain and severe weather.

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Tactical winter suit Gorka 3 camouflage on fleece lining with hood. High-quality Russian uniform for..
Special winter mountain suit GORKA-3 black with FLEECE lining. Gorka uniforms used in the special fo..
Winter suit Gorka 3 on fleece lining in Russian digital camo pattern by BARS. High quality Gorka BAR..
Brown Frog autumn camouflage version of Gorka 3 tactical uniform BDU (Partizan camo). These suits ar..
Tactical camo MOSS Gorka 3 BDU Russian Spetsnaz uniform Russian modern MOSS camouflage uniform Go..
Mountain winter suit Gorka 3 complete A-Tacs camo with hood on fleece lining for sale. High-quality ..
Suspenders for tactical trousers, braces for military pants, new, color olive / khaki. Gum parts mad..