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Step into the world of BARS, the benchmark in Gorka suit production. Renowned for its commitment to excellence, BARS has carved a niche in creating Gorka suits specifically tailored for the rugged demands of mountain environments.

While rooted in designs for the esteemed military forces, BARS' Gorka suits have found favor among fishers, hunters, tactical sport enthusiasts and especially as a Airsoft uniform, all thanks to their rugged durability and versatile nature.

Brand: Bars Model: G-5
Modern Gorka suit reflects the modern concept of a storm suit for military special forces. These suits can be seen on the machine gunner of the air search and assault group, and on the operational officer of the SBU, and on the sniper of the special forces unit - to everyone's liking, it is defin..
Ex Tax:$139.95
Brand: Bars Model: GIURZ
Long Sleeve Tactical tee "Giurz" camo shirt for Gorka Airsoft jacket Training Sports gear (4 Colors) It's real camo field gear and serves the function and purpose of Visual camouflage, soft lightweight fabric: breathable and comfortable. Ideal for airsoft, hunting, doing sports, training, etc. Ta..
Ex Tax:$49.95
Brand: Bars Model: GORKA 3M
Airsoft Gorka 3M uniform Tactical BDU suit Hunting and Fishing wear  A modernized cotton Gorka-3 storm mountain suit, developed for the conditions of everyday field wear in the demi-season. The uniform has it all the best from the prototype suit, this modification is characterized by improve..
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Brand: Bars Model: Gorka 3
Gorka 3 modern uniform Tactical digital desert camo suit Airsoft camouflage waterproof set Gorka 3 modern digital desert camo uniform. The suit is made in the category of uniforms, which are demi season. The main upper suit fabric is designed for tactical clothing. The main to..
Ex Tax:$124.95
Brand: Bars Model: Kukla
Modern Tactical uniform Kukla Camo Gorka Suit Airsoft gift for men Costume GORKA-3 (with buttons) Fabric - 100% cotton - tent cloth with VO impregnation. High-quality reinforced thread. In a suit, all the places that take on additional load are reinforced with textile bartacks. Set - j..
Ex Tax:$114.95
Brand: Bars Model: GORKA
Sport khaki t-shirt "Giurz" GORKA X Tactical anatomical shirt Airsoft gift for men Khaki modern tactical T-shirt GIURS (Гюрза), used with GORKA suits. Tactical GORKA uniforms are now used in airsoft, active rest, and many other spheres because of their high quality and practicality. GORKA X is ma..
Ex Tax:$34.95
Brand: Bars Model: GORKA 4
Airsoft yellow oak camo Gorka 4 Uniform Tactical Camouflage suit gift for men High-quality uniform with camouflage reinforcement inserts, it consists of an anorak jacket with hood and trousers. Tactical Gorka-4 uniforms are now worn because of their high quality and practicality. Comfort wear is ..
Ex Tax:$134.95
Brand: Bars Model: GORKA 3
Gorka 3 Khaki uniform Airsoft Demi-season sport suit Hooded jacket and pants Hunting set Designed for everyday demi-season wear, comfortable loose jacket and trousers with camo inserts, usually worn over military/civil clothing. Five pockets on the jacket and trousers with 6 pockets allow for arr..
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Brand: Bars Model: GORKA
Suspenders for tactical trousers, braces for military pants, new, color olive / khaki. Gum parts made of special load bearing material. Fastens with a button loop, mostly used with Gorka uniforms. Fabrics is 100% cotton, non-flammable material...
Ex Tax:$11.95
Brand: Bars Model: GORKA
Tactical camo MOSS Gorka 3 BDU Airsoft uniform Modern MOSS camouflage uniform Gorka 3. Translated as Mountain or Hill. Designed for everyday wear in the demi-season, comfortable loose jacket and trousers with reinforced inserts, are usually worn over clothing. Gorka BDU is the choice of many hunt..
Ex Tax:$124.95
Brand: Bars Model: Soviet Power
Special tactical hat. Popular among airsofters and hikers. Designed for use with Gorka mountain uniforms. Army quality. Made to order in Ukraine. Not a military factory product and not intended for use in military or combat operations. We condemn and do not support the politics of RF...
Ex Tax:$19.95
Brand: Bars Model: GORKA 4
GORKA 4 Tactical Anorak uniform Airsoft BDU suit Mountain Rip-stop Summer Khaki Uniform with a hood gift for men Summer mountain suit BDU with hood Gorka 4 uniform latest model (Anorak). High-quality uniform with rip-stop reinforcement inserts, consisting of a jacket with hood and trousers. Th..
Ex Tax:$134.95
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