Russian first-aid kit USSR individual AI-2 orange medicine pack Soviet Army doctor

Russian first-aid kit USSR individual AI-2 orange pack Soviet Army
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First Aid medicine Kit AI-2 was developed as a regular first aid tool for security forces and civil defense forces in the USSR (with empty cases). In the conditions of a total military conflict with the use of weapons of mass destruction, should have been distributed to civilians in areas close to the lesions. Maybe someone in the collection or can be used for different small things: organizer, pencil case, case, for hardware, fishing gear. The first-aid kit is offered as an accessory for airsoft games, for tourists and fishermen. For the orderly storage of hardware, small and medium-sized parts, construction fasteners (screws, bolts, gadgets, nails), home crafts, fisherman's inventory, a hunter, etc. The range of possible applications is not limited. Pill cases with screw cap.

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