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Here You can find Russian Soldiers sidr and Officers carry bags, backpacks. Also big hiking camouflage backpacks, road travel bags and Soviet Army leather map cases. Also cheap cath kidston bags sale.

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Soldiers / Officers backpack carry bag Russian Army model, knapsack also called sidr. Digital pixel ..
$29.95 $19.95
This backpack is called veschmeshok and rucksack, also sidr. Soviet Union issue, new old stock. Used..
The bag for wearing the documents and maps with shoulder strap. Map case made for Soviet Officers. N..
Special compact portable folding bag, made for Officers use. Russian-digital pattern, water-repellan..
Russian digital camo suitcase, designed for long-distance business trips. Also can be used as laptop..
Russian belt bag digital camouflage pattern, designed for carrying small personal items and document..
RR raid backpacks 6B38 are designed for long hikes. Traditionally, the design of raidbacks includes ..
Russian Army patrol backpack "Senior Rifleman" 6B118 for sale, digital camouflage pattern. Capa..
Modern high capacity hiking backpack Hunter. The buckles are made of polyamide plastic, bottom of ba..
Russian capacious travel bag "Putnik" Wayfarer camouflage. Capacity 45 liters, with 3 innter compart..
Tactical modern Russian backpack "Elbrus" khaki color bag. The backpack inside has 1 main compartmen..
Soviet military map case type WWII for sale, such bags was used by Soviet Officers in 1939-1945. Com..
Military map case with strap made for Officers use. Russian digital pattern, bag dimensions 30 x 23c..
Bag is designed for wearing the documents and maps by Soviet Army Sergeants. Map cases were made in ..
Modern Russian Spetsnaz tactical backpack with extra soft slings, back and waist. Volume 35 liters, ..