Military Equipment

Russian and Soviet sleeping bags, sapper probes and shovels, field masking net, shock absorbers, Kalashnikov and Mosin shoulder slings, compasses, special biohazard protection uniforms, buy military surplus devices and paraphernalia.

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Digital camo EMR seat, designed for the Russian Army men to sit on the BTR, tanks, cars and military..
Russian Army tactical military masking camo net, size 6 x 3m. Made of cotton. Perfect for combat mil..
Modern army water filter NF-10 (НФ-10), made for Russian militarymen survival field use. The filter ..
Tactical Russian Synthetic camo net - closes the facility by 70%. Net-based with 2-sided film glewn ..
Russian Army military modern camo sleeping bag. Pattern - Russian Digital. Made of waterproof and du..
Russian Army digital camo Soldiers shooting carpet, made for polygon / shooting range Soldiers use. ..
USSR Military DP-5V Geiger Counter (COMPLETE KIT, WOODEN BOX NOT INCLUDED). New and never used (with..
Original Russian military shoulder sling for Kalashnikov. Belt connected to the machine gun for hang..
Portyanki foot-cloths - pieces of cloth for wrapping legs, lingerie for the legs, warm and durable f..
Special hatters' device, first used in Russian Army for drying the hats. Now mostly used by professi..
Scarf net for snipers 190 × 90 cm is used by servicemen of special units. Masking scarf is used as a..
Special plush weave extra long socks designed for wearing with high ankle boots, new development for..
Russian Officers multipurpose pocket keychain with curvimeter (maps measuring), compass and thermome..
Old Russian Navy depth gauge. Meter made for scuba divers, designed for connecting on the hand like ..
Soviet NOS protecton uniform, used by Russian Stalkers in Pripyat and area. Can be used with gas mas..
STAINLESS STEEL THUMB-CUFFS Double Locking Handcuffs for Thumbs Thumbcuffs Cuffs. A pair of Good Qua..