Airsoft Tactical Gear

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Russian tactical equipment MOLLE Holster SPON SSO airsoft ..
Platform for mounting removable hip holsters, bags, covers. ..
Russian tactical equipment MOLLE Pouch 1 SAYGA SPON SSO airsoft ..
Russian tactical equipment "Password" assault vest PAROL MOLLE SPON SSO airsoft ..
Modern Russian Spetsnaz uniform in Python Rock pattern. Designed for special forces use in urban env..
Tactical summer Russian suit "Shadow-2" gray camouflage. The uniform consists of jacket (on buttons)..
Summer tactical military suit "Shadow-2" green camouflage, uniform consists of jacket on buttons and..
Russian tactical pants "BLACK". High-quality Russian military quality. The pants have 7 pockets. ..
Russian tactical pants "OLIVE". High-quality Russian military quality. The pants has 7 pockets. ..
Warm winter jacket "SNOW-M" PREDATOR camouflage. It is made of special  waterproof fabric. Comb..
High camo jacket with wide gates. Hood with visor, which is embedded in the plastic to make the toug..
WWII USSR military camouflage summer masking uniform - "Amoeba" (jacket and trousers). Perfect condi..
SAND camouflage modern ultralight demi season "Bomber" tactical camo jacket provides best protection..
Special military twilight suit SUMRAK camouflage NORTH pattern (Sever). High-quality military unifor..
Summer camo urban military sleeveless shirt, blue Flora camouflage pattern. New t-shirt arrivals, be..
Russian tactical summer camouflage KLM masking suit FROG pattern. Partizan camo light-weight militar..
Ukrainian Soldiers Camouflage uniform BDU suit. Army camouflage uniform BDU The uniform consists of ..
The gloves were provided to Russian soldiers in cold winter. They have only 2 free fingers - for sho..
USSR military uniform Mabuta, made for Russian VDV Spetsnaz. Jacket and trousers with warm lining, f..
Famous Russian Dubok camouflage uniforms made in USSR, designed for hiding in oak forests and making..
USSR Army special green shirt. Made for Russian Navy Officers, worn under the jacket. Never used Sov..
Russian Spetsnaz special assault belt B. Like new condition, never used. Capacity: 10 VOG-25 grenade..
USSR Army and Navy white parade shirt. Made for Russian Officers, worn under the jacket. Never used ..
Russian warmed Airborne troops VDV warmed telnyashka winter t-shirt. Sweatshirt for paratroopers, Ai..
Russian special military Spetsnaz kit. It consists of tactical assault vest (belt A) and assault bel..
Soviet khaki woolen winter gloves. Warm and convenient in severe russian climate. They have only 2 f..
Russian Army military assault vest system designed for winter use. It consists of white assault vest..
Summer border guards t-shirt with green stripes. These stripped vests are worn by frontier guards in..
Special brown woolen gloves, made for Russian underwater divers. 80% camel wool, double knitting. Ma..
Original Soviet Afghanistan uniform KLMK. Coverall made for Afghanistan war by Russian Army special ..