Nuclear Wristwatch "Polimaster" Radiation Wrist indicator Russian army Version SIG - RМ1208 military Special Forces tactical watch

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Original Limited Russian army RADIATION INDICATOR Version СИГ - РМ1208 or SIG - RM1208 Wrist indicator "Polimaster" Wristwatch Authentic military Special Forces nuclear tactical watch

The wrist indicator with metal wristlet is intended for the continuous round-the-clock measuring and indication ionizing radiation including:

       1) dose rate of gamma-radiation;

       2) dose of gamma-radiation.

Additionally the functions of watch (quartz mechanism Ronda 763 of swiss production), alarm clock and illuminating are realized in a device. The values of threshold levels for dose and dose rate of gamma-radiation are programmed in a device. Indicator gives voice signals at exceeding of the set threshold levels, act of alarm clock, and also indicates discharge of power supply elements. Material of case - stainless still.

A device is used for domestic aims: for control of radiation cleanness of dwellings, objects, transport vehicles etc. A device is steady to ducking on a depth up to 100 m.

Indicator is produced by the Byelorussian enterprise "Polimaster" and is an good gift, it is comfortable for the everyday use, behaves to the class of domestic wares and is not a mean for the official measuring. A dosimeter is not subject a periodic check.

СИГ- РМ1208М is out of production since 2018.

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