"Military gamble" Original wristwatch Genuine Soviet military watch Stainless Steel limited edition USSR type wrist watch Vintage retro design

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Limited "Military gamble" series cotains only 400 watches in bronze and stainless steel, there won't be any reproduction in the future. Each watch has its own unique serial number. All bronze watches are sold out, only steele watches left. Year of production of "Soviet type" watch is 2022.

Many watches of USSR time were converted from pocket watches, so the crown and pushers ended up in the 12 o'clock area. Also, if you use the telemetric scale on the watch for its intended purpose, then the watch must be removed, and with this arrangement of the crown and pushers, this is the most convenient position. 

The hour hands are made of metal with a luminescent coating, while the chronograph hands are made in red. This is done so that with a cursory glance at the clock, you can immediately identify the time. Also, the chronograph start pusher is highlighted with a red stripe, for the purpose of visual unity with the chronograph hands.

Telemetric scale - necessary to measure the distance to the enemy gun. Tachymeter scale in the center of the dial.

Watch details:
1) Collectible Vintage Watch design from an era of aerial bravery - World War 2 retro design watch is a great addition to any collection.
2) Vintage Design combined with Modern Technology - this watch has a highly accurate movement and is crafted with precision and reliability.
3) Each Watch is Unique - has its own never repeated serial number.

Last 7 watches in the world are available for sale.

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