Camouflage BDU twilight uniform MOSS FG Sumrak M1 Bars

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Camouflage BDU twilight uniform MOSS FG Sumrak M1 Bars

Sumrak M1 MOSS FG suit by BARS for sale, BDU is designed for regular wear in the field during training or fighting with the appropriate color gamma and environment temperature range. Twilight tactical uniform is used for individual masking of a specialist on the ground. Ergonomic free cut provides maximum freedom of movement. The hood can be worn over the cap or under the helmet (armor). Masking cuffs, if necessary, are retracted under the elastic band inside the sleeve. Reinforced rear pockets of trousers can be used for small arms stores (AK 7.62 and 5.45). The baggy tailoring of the suit "lubricates" the silhouette of the human figure, provides better ventilation of the substratum space, does not hamper the freedom of movement in all planes, the presence of such elements as the hood, the ties on the bottom of the trousers and sleeves provide the costume with the best protective properties against the nest, there are attachments for additional natural camouflage (like grass, branches, etc.).

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