Russian Special Forces Gorka 3M uniform Tactical Airsoft BDU wear

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Russian Special Forces Gorka 3M uniform Tactical Airsoft BDU wear

A modernized cotton Gorka-3 storm mountain suit, developed for the conditions of everyday field wear in the demi-season. The uniform has in it all the best from the prototype suit, this modification is characterized by improved performance. So the upper layers of the shoulder area and the middle part of the hood, in addition to the typical reinforcing pads, are made of a raincoat blended fabric, which increases the resistance of these areas to getting wet. And the absence of a shoulder seam excludes leakage along the seam in this area.

The jacket fastens with a zipper and is additionally fixed with buttons.
The jacket has additional chest pockets with a zipper, which is closed with a strap to protect it from moisture.
The shape of the pockets has been changed on the sleeves, the flaps on the pockets, and also supplemented with Velcro. An additional zippered pocket for small items has been added on the left sleeve.
Pants got a high belt on the back.
The type of fastening on the trousers has been changed from buttons to zippers with additional fixation at the belt to a button.
The side pockets have been re-shaped to prevent the contents from falling out. Additionally, a button is made in the pockets for dividing it into two parts.
Velcro flap closure on back pockets.
The side cargo pockets have been re-shaped. They became more close to the leg, but did not lose their functionality.

Gorka 3M set:

Suspenders aren't included, but you can order them seperately on our web-site.

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