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Body armor 6B43 Russian assault bulletproof camo vest 6A CLASS

Body armor 6B43 Russian  assault bulletproof camo vest 6A CLASS
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Body armor 6B43 Russian assault bulletproof camo vest 6A CLASS
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Brand new, never used Tehinkom 6B43 assault body armor for sale, it is a means of individual protection of 6A class and an element of combat equipment of the servicemen of the n Army of all military specialties. Storm bullet-proof vest 6B43 is designed to protect against damage, including at close ranges, bullets of small arms, including armor piercing and increased penetration, shell fragments, mines, grenades, cold steel and lowering of the contingency injury during the conduct of all types of combat operations.
In the basic configuration BZ provides a circular protection of the torso from fragments and cold steel. In the field of overlapping armored panels protects against bullets of small arms (including SVD B-32 and .338 Lapua Magnum). At the same time, the layout of anti-fragmentation and bulletproof protection has a minimal binding effect when performing combat tasks by servicemen of various specialties. Built on a modular basis. Body armor 6B43In addition to the traditional thoracic and dorsal sections is equipped with anti-fragmentation lateral and ventilation-damping modules. In the basic configuration is equipped with two unified ceramic-composite armor panels strengthening the thoracic and dorsal sections. Ceramic-composite reinforcement panes provide anti-circular circular protection at short ranges: SVD B-32 - 10m, .338 Lapua Magnum - 300m.
For a quick (no more than 3 seconds) removal in an emergency situation, the BZ has an emergency escape device 6B43 reset. On the outer surface there is a unified fastening system that allows you to place removable pouches from the UMTSS (ZHTU 6Sh112) or any other set of combat individual equipment equipped with a modular system for fastening removable pouches, compatible with the UMBTS system (MOLLE, PALS). Available in three sizes. Thanks to the adjustment system, a convenient fit for the figure is provided.

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