6B46 Russian army scout combat set: battle chest, tactical backpack and pouches

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Intelligence scout set 6B46 consists of a Battle Chest BNZ (БНЗ), pouches and Assault Backpack RK-SHT-30 (РК-ШТ-30) with molle slots.
Battle chest provides 5A class protection from the front and class 2 from the back. Backpack capacity 30 liters.
Included pouches:
2 x pouch AK74 (AKM) mags + signal rocket pouch and bayonet knife
1 x pouch for 2 AK74 (AKM) mags
2 x pouch for 5 VOG-25 Shots
3 x pouch for small grenades
2 x universal pouch
Pouch for small infantry shovel
Pistol magazine pouch

Shipping cost $100