Modern digital camo mosquito netting Military Tactical Mosquito Net Russian camping net

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Modern digital camo mosquito netting Military Tactical Mosquito Net Russian camping net

Compact and lightweight bug / insect repellent net, military digital camo net. This mosquito net is perfect for those camping trips to even the most mosquito-ridden areas. The mosquito net is compact and ultra-light for easy transport to these locations. Hole density of 180 per square inch will keep away mosquitoes and other small insects. It is made of durable material that is breathable and washable. 

Keep yourself safe from insect bites especially when you’re outdoors with this Mosquito Net Tent Outdoor Tent! Aside from the fact that convenience is compromised when camping, you have to deal with pesky insects as well. You can expect that a lot of insects could possibly swarm you once you decide to sleep outdoors. Mosquitoes are among the most notorious insects that bother people when camping. The problem with that is it is not only annoying but mosquitoes can be carriers of deadly diseases as well. This is the importance of having a mosquito net tent with you.

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