Russian tactical airsoft GARSING military boots 117 / MO / AT “AIR”

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Russian tactical airsoft GARSING military boots 117 / MO / AT “AIR”

117 "AIR" is a fundamentally new model, which specialists of TM "GARSING" have been developing for more than two years, using the latest developments in the field of lightweight shoes from the best world manufacturers. The main task that was laid in the creation of this model was to make it as light and comfortable as possible, while maintaining the reliability of an army boot. After a year of experienced socks in various special purpose units, everyday socks on hiking trips and socks in ordinary city conditions, we can proudly say: "We did it!" This model is most suitable for both military tasks in hot and temperate climates, and for ordinary, everyday wear. Provides maximum user comfort, has a modern design, and goes well with both military uniforms and regular jeans. The 117 "AIR" uses a speed loop for easy lacing. The leather element of the bootleg has a special "gap" for the convenience of bending the ankle and ensuring normal blood circulation during a long stay in the position of shooting from the knee. An additional block has been added to enhance the fixation of the boot on the leg, if necessary. The redesigned ARAVI outsole guarantees excellent traction on almost any type of surface. Genuine leather and high-strength nylon upper provides excellent breathability and easy cleaning with a regular brush and extra impregnation spray. Footwear of TM "GARSING" is not intended for use in an aggressive environment (oil, petroleum oils, heavy fraction products, alkalis, acids, heated surfaces above + 40 ° C).

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