Military tactical boots GARSING 061 / MO / O / P / AT “TRAVELER”

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Model 061 "TRAVELER" is designed for medium and light trekking, long walks in wild nature and a city. Sneakers meet all the requirements for this segment of footwear. The renewed sole of wear-resistant TEP (thermoplastic elastomer) provides good adhesion to the surface, which prevents the foot from slipping when moving on the ground, rocks and mountings. A stiffer boots design allows the foot to be firmer, less to feel the unevenness of the soil and small stones. Strengthened by high-strength leather "MATRIX", the front and rear parts increase the wear resistance of boots. Embedded insole of "EVA" add comfort, thanks to its damping properties. The lining uses a modern multi-layer synthetic breathable fabric. 061 "TRAVELER" - the guarantee of the highest level of comfort.

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