Gorka 3M fleece lining Russian Special Forces uniform Tactical Airsoft wear

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Gorka 3M fleece lining Russian Special Forces uniform Tactical Airsoft wear

The Gorka-3M Fleece suit is a proprietary development of the BARS company and looks similar to the Gorka-3K suit, but it has a number of significant differences, including the use of completely new materials.

1) The jacket has a zipper, which is closed with a windproof flap on the buttons.
2) On the sleeves there is a Velcro for attaching chevrons.
3) The areas of increased abrasion are reinforced with a durable Rip-Stop fabric with a waterproof coating, which is very important in winter.
4) This suit uses a new technology of seamless sewing of the sleeve and hood, which provides additional moisture protection.
5) Fleece is sewn over the entire surface of the suit, the pockets are also insulated with fleece!
6) On the jacket in the area of ​​button fastening there is an additional valve insulated with fleece, which prevents moisture and cold from getting inside the suit.
1) The trousers have a high belt that covers the loin.
2) Cross-type suspenders included.
3) The trousers have straps for a 50mm belt, with an additional loop for attaching a carabiner.
4) On the front of the trousers there are two pockets for a phone or multitool.
5) The quality mark of our products is the original seal located on the inside of the left pocket of the jacket.

 The Gorka-3 Fleece set includes:
1) Jacket;
2) Pants;
3) Suspenders.

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