Butex company - the market leader in the production of special purpose shoes and combat ankle boots. For over 15 years we have created professional boots, which is a benchmark for high quality and durability, in Russia and the CIS. Tactical boots, camouflage footwear, Spetsnaz ankle boots and Cobra models for Special Forces units.

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Black leather high tactical boots HUNTER 5021. Made of genuine leather, TPE sole (strong, elastic, r..
Russian "BYTEX" tactical nubuck "The Wolverine" Brown boots Modern tactical brown boots by Byteks..
Russian army footwear Tactical summer Military leather and textile sneakers This summer sneakers ..
Russian army Tactical  Military  footwear summer sneakers from genuine leather and textile..
Russian tactical boots model 1201 SKAT TM BYTEX Modern footwear Russian Tactical Leather Military..
Comfortable leather boots WOLVERINE 24055 (Rosomaha). Sport style, genuine leather, special Eco lini..
Famous Russian urban olive boots COBRA 12031 with speed lacing feature. Modern assault tactical boot..
Sneakers made by BTK-group for military sport trainings, Russian Army surplus. Three-layer sole with..
$80.44 $49.95
Russian tactical sneakers model 5009 SKIF TM BYTEX A police tactical boot. Currently, it is being..
Modern novelty black leather boots model 3116 "Alpha-2" for sale. Comfortable wide shoe. The Italian..
Bytex tactical boots LYNX camouflage MOSS model 2801 Modern tactical camouflage boots MOSS by Byt..
Upper: velor (1.3 - 1.5 mm).    Lining: nonwoven resistant to abrasion and quickly  ..
Russian tactical black BOOTS "KALAHARI" 1411 for sale. Top: velor (1.3 - 1.5 mm).    Lini..
This model VIPER 2331 is a classic tactical Russian police boots. It has been tested in many special..
Russian modern tactical urban Assault leather boots COBRA 12011. This model is made for classic tact..
Mangust modern tactical olive storm boots MONGOOSE 24041. Assault urban sport type boots on laces wi..
Russian tactical camouflage boots LYNX in Multicam pattern, also called Bobcat. Modern special force..
Mangust black modern tactical Russian storm boots MONGOOSE 24111. Sport type genuine leather assault..
Warm Russian winter tactical high black leather boots EXTREME 172. Top combined of genuine chrome le..
Camouflage Caliber Russian MOSS tactical boots Byteks 5066 Soft boots new generation tactical / s..
Military style urban winter boots Extreme 174 by Byteks factory. Modern ankle boots with fur inside ..
Kalahari boots model 05003 black by Byteks is one of the classic variants for lightweight army shoes..
GRAD black leather high tactical boots HAIL 3402. Best choice for any type of active rest and combat..
Modern Russian urban tactical boots COBRA 12100 with speed lacing feature. Combined top (velours and..
High-top sneakers TOURIST LM-1 made of breathable linen fabric and PVC soles allow to roam the woods..
Upper: genuine chrome leather (1.4 - 1.6 mm).    Lining: Non-woven and abrasion resistant..
     Top Combined: natural chrome leather      (1.4 - 1.6 mm) + fabri..
   Top Combined: natural chrome leather    (1.4 - 1.6 mm) + high-strength fabri..
   The top combo: velours (1.3 - 1.5 mm) +    high-strength fabric textured &n..
    Top Combined: natural chrome leather      (1.4 - 1.6 mm) + high-streng..