Unloading vest TANK with pouches, MOLLE (Khaki)

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Due to the fact that this vest is made in khaki color, it can be used with any desert camouflage.

Unloading vest Tank is made of tactical belt and waistcoat.

The set has a system of fastening the MOLLE (moll) pouches, and is equipped with thirteen pouches.

There is also a pocket for walkie-talkie.

In the kit there are eight pouches under AK or M4 (one magazine, the magazines are fixed on an elastic band).

Four pouches for grenades (one in each).

One pouch for PPI.

One pouch for the walkie-talkie.

On the back there is a bag with a zipper and an evacuation loop for transporting a wounded soldier.

If necessary, you can add additional equipment or pouches according to the MOLLE system that are not included in this kit.

This unloading waistcoat fastens with a zipper and Fastas fasteners (two on a waistcoat, one on a belt).

The waistcoat itself is made of oxford fabric.

The size is adjustable from forty-eighth to the sixtieth size and is adjusted according to the figure.

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