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Russian tactical pants TSU-3 Rip-stop black

Russian tactical pants TSU-3 Rip-stop black
Russian tactical pants TSU-3 Rip-stop black
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Velcro on all pockets sewn to secure not only the perimeter, but also diagonally. Loaded hand sewn in two or three passes. Velcro on all pockets are oriented so that the smallest way to scratch your hands, gloves and other clothes to spoil (contact occurs mainly with soft Velcro loops sewn to the valve pocket)
Loops of durable synthetic cord for hanging carabiners, instead of the old version of the plastic half-rings on the sling. Thus, the problem of rigidity and cumbersome hardware, hinges not felt body
Change the overall cut trousers. They are more spacious (width close to the original pants ACU) and less constraining movements. On the sides of the knees were small tuck to give articulation. Slightly increased the height of the waist from behind, bare to the waist at the lower slopes
Extra wide belt loops under his belt. The new generation of trousers corners reinforced belt loops, zigzags tack to protect against pulling strap under load
Utjazhki waist cord (similar to the ACU), the cord may have to be removed. The new generation Neaten holes for the cord-reinforced utjazhki second layer of fabric to protect against fractures
Pants with zipper, belt fastens with a standard American-style button
Mortice deep side pockets with rounded corners at the bottom to reduce clogging. The lower part of the entrance to the pocket reinforced Nylon Supplex fabric to protect against rubbing clip folding knives (in the new generation added a similar strengthening of the pocket from the inside). Removed flaps with buttons. Inside a hidden sewn loop of cord for hanging keys, etc. items
overhead cargo pockets fastened with a large volume of Velcro. In the pockets of a system of internal organization in several pockets of volume of a light fabric, the top of which pulled a rubber band sewn for better retention of content. On the right and left leg width and the number of different pockets (see. Photo in the catalog). These pockets are convenient for placing small items (folding knife, multitool, lamps, lighters, electronics, etc.). The new generation of the edge of the entrance to the tack reinforced pockets, zigzag for protection from tearing. Under the flap cargo pockets sewn loop of cord for hanging rifles (in the old version had two plastic rings on a pocket)
pockets on the calf, fastened with Velcro. Well suited for carrying PPI, easy access in a sitting position. The new generation of these pockets is removed the internal organization. Location pockets slightly modified so that they interfere with smaller knee flexion
Mortice rear pockets with Velcro. The corners are rounded at the bottom for a lesser fouling

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