Russian Tactical Military Boots Garsing 0526 N / O / P «DELTA NEW»

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Models: 0526 N - Black Color, 0526 N O - Brown Color, 0526 N P - Desert Color.

This model includes the best properties of well-known foreign analogues. And made by experts for professionals: police officers and military personnel.
The outsole is the most important element of tactical shoes
One of the most important factors in this shoe is the modern, multifunctional “Multi” outsole. It is made of two layers. The first layer, shock-absorbing and soft, is made of foamed TEP (thermoplastic elastomer) microlight, the second layer on the undercarriage, dense and having a large thickness to resist abrasion, is made of wear-resistant TEP (thermoplastic elastomer). The outer part of the boot is made of genuine leather or velor in depending on the color. In the toe and heel there are special overlays made of MATRIX rubberized leather. This genuine leather is coated with hot rubber under high pressure. Due to this, this material is very strong and incredibly resistant to external influences such as friction, punctures, wrinkles, etc.
How to care for Garsing shoes at home
It is enough to wipe the surface of the shoe with a damp cloth after a walk, and in the case of velor, a metal velor cleaning brush is used. We also recommend carrying out the following procedures at the end of the week:
After another wipe, apply the appropriate cream or spray.
Let them dry and wipe off excess with a dry cloth.
Finish with a water and dirt repellent spray (and always dry your shoes naturally, no batteries or hair dryers - they damage the skin)

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