Soviet / Russian statutory high ankle chrome classic leather army boots demi-season

Brand: Army / Spetsnaz Boots
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Statutory black boots of the old sample are made of genuine leather. Army boots do not have a lining, which is very convenient in the field, where there is no possibility of a full drying of footwear.

The sole of the "DONOBUV" boots is made of heat-resistant rubber, which perfectly withstands temperature changes and heavy loads. The material of the sole combines the best qualities of rubber and PVC, so it does not crack even in severe frost, retaining elasticity.

Protector keeps the foot well on loose and slippery soils, including mud, wet grass and wet concrete. Highly reliable molding method for securing the sole guarantees a long life time. Boots design protects the leg from tight lacing and from getting dust, dirt and moisture inside the shoe.

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