Russian Army VMF Military Gost Leather "Marine" jacket with hood

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Russian Army VMF jacket Military Gost Leather "Canada" jacket with hood. A feature of the Canada jacket is a straight silhouette and a stand-up collar. This model is ideal for cold, harsh winters because it can protect you from the severe frosts inherent in our region. The great jacket of the Navy "Canada". The jacket is a modern covering, but it was made according to Soviet GOSTs (these standards are relevant to this day). If you are a fisherman or a hunter, or a lover of winter outdoor activities, then the Canadian Navy jacket is just for you.

In the sleeves - woolen cuffs-wristlets. The width of the jacket is adjustable at the bottom with half rings. Jacket and collar - natural fur sheepskin, also fur inside of a hood. Made For operation at low temperatures.


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