Phoenix Pyramid Bird Embroidered Sleeve Iron-on / Velcro Patch

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Phoenix is ​​a mythological long-lived bird that revives after death. In ancient Egyptian culture, where it was called bennu, and in ancient times, it is associated with sun worship. It was represented in size and appearance similar to an eagle, with bright red or golden-red plumage. According to the widespread version of the myth, foreseeing its death, the phoenix carried out the re-burning of itself, after which it reappeared from the fire, or emerged from the ashes, dust (in one variation or another, the myth was associated with Heliopolis). It was believed that the phoenix is ​​the only, unique individual of its kind. In a metaphorical interpretation, the phoenix is ​​a symbol of eternal renewal, immortality.

New, great quality patch! Perfect for jackets, vests.

Size: 67 x 85 mm ( 2'6 x 3'3 inches )

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