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Marshals of Soviet Union Russian high quality parade uniform kit. Consists of jacket with shoulder b..
Black leather Spetsnaz boots with metal buckles from Russian Army. High military quality production...
Russian Army ceremonial parade uniform of the Marshal of Soviet Union of 1945. This uniform was app..
Russian Navy Fleet sailors uniform suit. Designed in USSR for seamen everyday use, consists of shirt..
Mechanical Russian wristwatch Molniya with USSR Arms "Proletarians of All Countries - Unite" with si..
Genuine leather tactical gloves for Russian Spetsnaz and OMON ( S.W.A.T. ). Special fist protection ..
Army bivy bag. Represents itself as a matter of fact a single tent. Used in the special forces of th..
Digital camo / White in blue stripes Jumper Russian Cotton GOST hoodie Made by the famous Russian..
Faradei Army Special Forces Russian Winter Leather Gore-Tex Boots. Winter season made for Russian Ar..
Genuine Soviet Officer's jacket Russian Army WWII with medals Was used in Soviet Union times by i..
Genuine Soviet Union Justice Police Military Winter warm Uniform with suspenders 54-5 Those unifo..
Modern Police Military Russian Uniform with Overalls. A warm winter jacket is used nowadays by Russi..
Original Russian Army Air Force Military Winter Uniform with genuine sheepskin  Those unifor..
Russian Army VMF jacket Military Gost Leather "Canada" jacket with hood. A feature of the Canada jac..
Russian Federation Tankman Military Tactical Uniform with Fur Collar. A warm winter jacket is used n..
Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs Uniform with trousers and hood. A demi-season jacket is used no..
Modern Russian female winter stuff uniform. Uniform kit includes: warm winter overcoat with..
Russian Tactical M108 winter boots with natural fur on thermoplastic elastomer. Military boots, mad..
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Biohazard sign Radiation gas mask patch Size 90mm (3.54 inch) ..
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Radiation skull with respirator mask game sew-on patch Size 90 x 100 mm (3'54" x 3'9..
Soviet parade flags USSR with arms and sign CCCP. Vintage small flags were made for parades and demo..
Soviet sailors Navy everyday uniform shirt with trousers and pilotka hat. Russian Navy Fleet sailors..
Original USSR Navy flag of the Chief of General Navy Staff. Various dimensions available. The flag i..
Soviet Union Naval Fleet belt with dagger hanger of the RKKF USSR VMF with anchor buckles. Original ..
Soviet Union Navy "Sad Lions" belt with dagger hanger of the RKKF USSR VMF. Original belt for Naval ..
Due to the fact that this vest is made in khaki color, it can be used with any desert camouflage. ..
Soviet Army Generals summer uniform for everyday use. Consists of military jacket with trousers, whi..
USSR AIR FORCE GENERALS complete parade uniform kit, new old stock Soviet military clothing. The set..
Genuine Soviet Officers leather overcoat Russian black coat without a collar. The high-quality colla..
Russian winter white earflaps ushanka hat. Genuine leather and soft sheep fur make the hat very warm..