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A set of elongated underwear consists of a sweatshirt and pants. A sweatshirt with a round neck, an ..
Statutory short thermal underwear from the VKPO kit. It is intended for use by personnel of the Arme..
Vintage Soviet Military Hospital pajama USSR Russian sleeping wear. Soviet pajamas from 1980-s, it w..
Summer model Garsing Sahara desert boots 355P for sale, designed specifically for hot climates. It c..
Special night underwear designed for Russian army officers use. Modern military quality mesh clothin..
Military VKBO fleece thermal underwear layer 2 from BTK made for Russian Army use. A set of fleece u..
USSR Warm Russian Army Military Underwear.Unused underwear, new condition. Soviet army underwear 80-..
Light cosy sneakers for Special Forces training purposes. Model 118 designed together with Belorussi..
$74.95 $49.95
Russian winter hat ushanka RKKA. Comes with red star, made of wool and artificial fur, military styl..
High-top sneakers TOURIST LM-1 made of breathable linen fabric and PVC soles allow to roam the woods..
Russian Army underwear trousers, made for Officers winter use. 100% cotton, all sizes available. ..
Military cotton underwear designed for Russian soldiers use as sleepwear. ..
Military cotton underwear "Beluha". Used in Russian Army as sleepwear. ..