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Modern Russian military VKBO Bag (BAUL) Tactical Special Forces set Backpack - Baul, made of wear..
Ratnik Russian Special Forces tactical military olive gloves 6sh122 Military gloves, tactical - t..
Soviet Army issue water flask. Used by Russian soldiers and Officers. Made in of aluminiun on USSR m..
Special military water filter IF-10 6E1 (ИФ-10 6Э1), made for Russian soldiers field use. The filter..
Russian Spetsnaz Special Forces Military Assault leather boots. This model is made for classic ta..
Gorka 3 modern Russian Spetsnaz uniform digital desert camo. Designed for subdivisions being in..
Russian leather warm winter tactical boots,insulated comfort footwear.The GORE-TEX® membrane is a ve..
Modern BTK VKBO raincoat has the following features: - Breathable fabric with wind / waterproof mem..
Windbreaker jacket BTK with two-zippered zipper with chin protection and a collar-stand for sale. Mo..
$49.95 $24.95
Russian flask is made of dark glass, perfect condition water flask from Soviet Army, comes with canv..
Anniversary badge "100 Years of Russian Underwater Forces". The badge is new, 1906-2006 - to the sh..
Soviet 8mm movie camera EKRAN with Underwater Box "DOLPHIN". The camera uses 8mm film, additional tr..
Special model MALAMUTE trekking boots made for heavy Russian winter. Perfect for crossing mountainou..
Modern army water filter NF-10 (НФ-10), made for Russian militarymen survival field use. The filter ..
Tactical camo t-shirt Russian digital camouflage pixel. It is made of a special modern moisture-abso..
Special documents and map case with 8 inner pockets. Russian digital pattern, waterproof pockets, di..
Tactical t-shirt frog / partisan camouflage. It is made of a special modern moisture-absorbing knitt..
 Russian leather warm winter tactical BOOTS with fur "COBRA" 12034    Upper part: ..
Soviet special navy badge "100 Years of Russian Underwater Fleet". The badge is new, 100 years Anni..
All-season waterproof jacket "SKLON-M" PREDATOR camouflage. Made of special waterproof fabrics...
Russian electric water boiler called SAMOVAR. Samovars have been used in Russia for a long..
Stylish fashion brown leather boots 019 - rust nubuck timberland 6" shoes. Made of premium waterproo..
Soviet UNDERWATER FLEET EMBLEM badge. The badge is new, USSR Underwater Fleet Emblem. ..
Soviet Navy special badge "100 Years to USSR Underwater Fleet". The badge is new, 100 years Anniver..
Special tactical boots HYDRA designed for assault groups on moorland terrain. When the boots get wet..
Czech crystal flower vase made in the Czech Republic. This vase is amazing for beautiful flowers.&nb..