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Military black boots, made for Russian Army special troops - spetsnaz, marines, airborne. Genuine le..
New type of Russian military winter digital flora CAMO uniform. Consists of warmed jacket and trouse..
New generation field belt, made for Russian Army soldiers and Officers. Made of nylon and metal, bel..
Ushanka Red Army hat, used during WW2, also in GULAG. Flapping ears, rare brass / enamel red star in..
This model VIPER 2331 is a classic tactical Russian police boots. It has been tested in many special..
Mangust modern tactical olive storm boots MONGOOSE 24041. Assault urban sport type boots on laces wi..
Mangust black modern tactical Russian storm boots MONGOOSE 24111. Sport type genuine leather assault..
Russian Border Guards tactical summer camouflage suit designed for Federal Security Service troopers..
Soviet military Jacket GIMNASTERKA type WWII. Kit consists of: JACKET with shoulder boards and medal..
Soviet military map case type WWII for sale, such bags was used by Soviet Officers in 1939-1945. Com..
USSR Army military black visor cap, WW2 type. Used in WW2 by Russian Captains. The hat comes with So..
Russian Police Officer Militiaman visor cap. Such hats were used in WW2 by USSR Police (Militia). ..
Soviet military Railroad Commandant Russian visor cap. Such hats were used in WW2. Comes with red st..
Summer mountain suit with hood Gorka 3 camo model A-TACS. High-quality Russian military uniform with..
Miniature USSR gray souvenir hat WWI type Red Army "Budenovka" doll hat with Red Star on the front. ..
Miniature Russian black souvenir hat WWI type Red Army "Budenovka" doll hat with Red Star on the fro..