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Custom made Dog tags stainless steel chain Russian tactical military uniform Dog tag Our custom-m..
Russian army Long-sleeve tee "Giurz" Tactical camo shirt Airsoft combat gear Military camo clothing ..
Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel is an action game created for the Xbox and Playstation 2. Releas..
Russian "Molnija" Soviet Arms 18 Jewels transparent mechanical wristwatch  Molnija (also tra..
Raphael is a character, one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. His bandana is red and he owns a pa..
Committee of State Security General visor cap. The hat is new with golden embroidery, used in USSR b..
Ukrainian new coin 10 UAH made in 2018, dedicated to the Day of the Ukrainian volunteer. Features..
USSR Committee for State Security (National Security Agency) hat, made for Committee of State Securi..
Kevlar gloves with steel thread. Excellent protect hands from knife wounds. Used by Russian special ..
Special old military genuine brown leather great coat, made for Soviet KGB agents on USSR military f..
Soviet Army steel metal protection helmet Kaska, model M60, used in Russian Army. Original USSR item..
Army food carry thermos TVN 12L is designed for storing and transporting hot food or any kind of foo..
Russian badge GNKRF - "STATE NARCOTIC CONTROL COMMITTEE of RUSSIA", new condition. ..
Russian metal badge "STATE NARCOTIC CONTROL COMMITTEE of RUSSIA", new condition. ..
STAINLESS STEEL THUMB-CUFFS Double Locking Handcuffs for Thumbs Thumbcuffs Cuffs. A pair of Good Qua..