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New type of Russian military winter digital flora CAMO uniform. Consists of warmed jacket and trouse..
$119.95 $99.95
Soldiers / Officers backpack carry bag Russian Army model, knapsack also called sidr. Digital pixel ..
$29.95 $24.95
Russian Army summer camo green digital shirt, famous PIXEL wide spread camo pattern. New t-shirt arr..
Modern tactical camo uniform Gorka (translated as Mountain or Hill), made for Russian Army Spetsnaz ..
BDU masking suit of the new generation Ratnik BARS Russian digital pixel camouflage (double-sided). ..
Stechkin pistol hoster made in Russian digital camouflage. APS cover is made for MOLLE system but al..
Camo field Spetsnaz Russian digital pixel cap.Good quality. The hat comes with the badge. ..
Russian Army special green military soldiers hat digital camo cap (4 colours). All sizes available. ..
Military helmet cover for 6B27 Russian army helmets (also adjustable for other helmets), digital cam..
Special warm winter gloves, made for Russian Army soldiers and officers. Digital flora pattern, also..
6SHA120 digital camo universall shelter designed to protect troops from rain and wind. Russian soldi..
Military warmed demi-season Officers hat with folding back. Russian Digital pattern, badge included...
Military map case with strap made for Officers use. Russian digital pattern, bag dimensions 30 x 23c..
Special Russian digital pixel VKBO uniform on zipper, made for Officers and senior command staff. Ve..
Special camouflage cover for standard Russian Army water flasks. Connected to the belt, new and neve..
Modern military t-shirt Russian Digital pixel camo pattern MPA-11 warmed with fleece. Unlimited free..
Russian Army military trousers with suspenders, digital Pixel pattern. Warm pants with lining and su..
Fully camouflaged version of the jacket, made of the same materials (tarpaulins and new high gain of..
Russian Army raid backpack, made for Spetsnaz troopers use. Digital pixel pattern, modern surplus wi..
High camo jacket with wide gates. Hood with visor, which is embedded in the plastic to make the toug..
Warm winter digital shirt "Pixel" pattern. Made for Ukrainian Army Frontier Guards autumn / winter u..