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USSR special award order For Personal Courage, copy. It was established in 1988, rewarded for many m..
USSR Navy Fleet squadron commander flag with 2 stars. Made of wool, not used. Size 140cm x 90cm. ..
"STALKER" game Faction Mercenaries embroidery sleeve patch. Size: 83 mm ( 3'2 inches ) ..
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game Monolith "Power Lies in Unity" 2 embroidery stalkers patches. ..
Airsoft / tactical camouflage Python Autumn baseball cap with velcro on front, top and back. Made of..
Airsoft equipment MOLLE assault vest SPON SSO. Made to order in Ukraine. Not a military factory p..
Airsoft equipment Pouch for IPP (Individual dressing packets) or kits. ..
Tactical equipment, professional Airsoft gear. Made to order in Ukraine. Not a military factory p..
Tactical equipment Shoulder straps PLSE SPON SSO airsoft. ..
Special plush weave extra long socks designed for wearing with high ankle boots, new development for..
Tactical onlay on belt "SMERSH" airsoft equipment SPON SSO. Made to order in Ukraine. Not a ..
Special hatters' device, first used in tactical for drying the hats. Now mostly used by professional..
Tactical equipment grab bag SPP SPON SSO airsoft, with MOLLE slots and carabines, also called food b..
n military badge "PARTICIPANT OF MILITARY OPERATIONS IN DAGESTAN". The badge is new, helicopter on w..
n Army TT Tokarev pistol black leather Navy Marines holster with belt connection attachment. Good mi..
The hat badge is new, used by Officers of Ukrainian Air Force. ..
Set of 10 buttons made for Ukrainian Army Generals clothing. New, unused big buttons (diameter about..
Ukrainian Army frontier guards special digital camouflage face cover balaclava. Made of cotton, univ..
Ukraine traditional clothing vyshivanka with elements of Ukrainian ethnic ornamental embroidery. T-s..
n Air Force Marshalls winter military woolen parade great coat with Papaha fur hat. Best military qu..
Soviet Army "HONOURABLE RADIO OPERATOR of USSR" award badge. The badge is new, hot enamel. ..
Soviet Army General winter military woolen parade overcoat with Papaha fur hat. Best n military qual..
Soviet metal coin n Rouble. Deditacted to 60 Years Anniversary of October Revolution in 1917, Aurora..
Soviet "CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION DEPARTMENT" Badge. The badge is new, hot enamel. ..
USSR Award badge "FOR TRANSITION OF EQUATOR". The badge is new, hot enamel. ..
Brass belt buckle, made for n military police MVD Officers use. High quality engraving Arms of USSR...
Soviet Railway Troops and Military Communications School cadets badge. New condition, hot enamel, sc..
Wristwatch with stone on wind knob - Molniya Classic white. Molnija (Молния) is a famous watch facto..
Afghanka hats were used during the war in Afghanistan and further. Good protection from the sun. Per..