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Russian Army special military "Flora" tactical hat 3 color green camouflage cap with ears. The hat c..
Soldiers / Officers backpack carry bag Russian Army model, knapsack also called sidr. Digital pixel ..
$29.95 $24.95
This backpack is called veschmeshok and rucksack, also sidr. Soviet Union issue, new old stock. Used..
Russian Army Marines shoulder straps for overcoats. Military black shoulder boards with 2 red stripe..
Features: - Universal for the APS, Glock; - can be used both waist and hip; - belts with rubber v..
Stechkin pistol hoster made in Russian digital camouflage. APS cover is made for MOLLE system but al..
Military gray fur ushanka hat for Russian Officers use. Genuine soft sheep wool with painted sh..
Souvenir winter hat ushanka with Russian Federation Double Eagle badge. Made of artificial fur and g..
Russian winter hat ushanka RKKA. Comes with red star, made of wool and artificial fur, military styl..
Military black shoulder boards with 2 red stripes for sale, made for Marines senior ranks use. Russi..
Portyanki foot-cloths - pieces of cloth for wrapping legs, lingerie for the legs, warm and durable f..
Russian equipment Shoulder straps for drinking system MOLLE SPON SSO airsoft ..
Navy seaman black shoulder boards for sale, made for Russian Federation sailors use. Тew condition, ..
USSR border guards Russian hat ushanka. Made of Astrakhan fur for Committee of State Security, warm,..
Ushanka Russian style black fur hat with ear flaps, this type was used as the USSR headgear for many..
Russian modern type ushanka winter hat with fur and flapping ears. Can be worn in different ways, pr..