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Summer mountain suit BDU with hood Gorka 4 latest model (Anorak). High-quality Russian military unif..
$99.95 $84.95
USSR Airborne troops old combat helmet, made for Soviet paratroopers VDV. Like new condition, never ..
Russian Army military shoulder boards, made by Soviet Air Force officers. ..
Military mountain suit Gorka-3 BDU is used by Russian federal troops in Caucasus, Chechnya and simil..
Russian Army shoulder boards made for USSR Air Force or Airbore VDV junior Officers field use. New o..
Airsoft Game Tactical Eagle Justice Symbol Embroidered Sew-on Patch #1 Size 95 x 65 mm (3'54 x 2'..
Airsoft Game Tactical Embroidered Sew-on Patch #1 Size 100x80mm (3.93x3.14 inch) ..
Berkut Ukrainian Ministry of internal Affairs Uniform Patch Size 90 x 120 mm ( 3.54 x 4.72 in..
Computer Game Assassin's Creed Templar Embroidered Sew-on Sleeve Patch The Templar Order, known a..
Digital camo Black Leather Tactical Special Forces Ballistic Compact Gloves from Russian Army Mil..
Faradei Army Special Forces Russian Winter Leather Gore-Tex Boots. Winter season made for Russian Ar..
Genuine USSR Air Force Black Leather Uniform Overcoat with collar. This overcoat was used by Air For..
Mountain suit with hood Gorka 4 black anorak uniform. High-quality black BDU Russian military suit w..
Modern Russian military VKBO Bag (BAUL) Tactical Special Forces set Backpack - Baul, made of wear..
Original Russian Military Air Force USSR GOST Soviet Jacket. A feature of the Canada jacket is a str..
Raincoat tent special Russian digital camo special Tactical military groundsheet This raincoat wi..
Ratnik Russian Special Forces tactical military olive gloves 6sh122 Military gloves, tactical - t..
Russian Airsoft game Tactical Embroidered Sew-on Sleeve Skull patch Size 95 x 50 mm (3'7 x 2 inches..
Russian Army Air Force Sleeve Camo Dubok VDV PATCH Size 90 mm ( 3.54 inch ). ..
Russian army Tactical Sumrak MPR-71 suit Blue A-Tacs (moss) camouflage uniform for sale, Uniform con..
Russian Army VDV Paratrooper Airborne Chest Strip Patch Dubok Size 120 x 35 mm ( 4.72 x 1.38 ..
Soviet Airborne troops blue beret hat. New, never used Russian VDV hat. Comes with USSR pin badge. ..
Russian Military Airborne Forces Sleeve Patch Parade Size 70 x 90 ( 2.75 x 3.54 inch ).   ..
Genuine Russian pilots equipment oxygene mask KM-32 with occipital bladder. New, unused military sur..
Russian Spetsnaz Special Forces Military Assault leather boots. This model is made for classic ta..
Russian tactical boots model 1201 SKAT TM BOOTEX Modern footwear Russian Tactical Leather Militar..
Soviet CCCP Military VVS BBC Air Force Patch Airforce Russian Size 70 x 90 mm ( 2.8 x 3.6 inc..
Soviet Union Air Force Red Army Generals uniform, new old stock Soviet military clothing. The set co..
Special Forces Skull Tactical Airsoft Game Military Patch Size 90 x 95 mm ( 3.54 x 3,74 inch ) ..
Spetsnaz Swat Scorpion Game Airsoft Patch #8 Size 70 x 90 mm ( 3.75 x 3.6 inch )   ..