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Tactical Russian Nubuck leather boots Assault type outdoor footwear Military combat wear Special tro..
Task Force 141 Skull Embroidered Sew-on/Iron-on/Velcro Patch Size: 95 mm ..
United States Marine Corps Embroidered Sew-on/Iron-on/Velcro Patch Size: 85 mm ..
US Army Logo Embroidered Sew-on/Iron-on/Velcro Patch Size: 90 mm ..
Gorka 3 modern Russian Spetsnaz uniform digital desert camo. Designed for subdivisions being in..
Russian golden leaf KLMK camouflage Berezka yellow oak version of Gorka 3 tactical uniform. These BD..
$129.95 $114.95
Military SPETSNAZ Death tag "I solve all problems" ..
Military SPETSNAZ Falcon tag "Any Time, any Place, any Task" ..
Military SPETSNAZ Gryphon tag "Any Time, any Place, any Task" ..
Military Soviet SPETSNAZ tag with horse - "Any Time, any Place, any Task". ..
Military SPETSNAZ tag with Bear "Any Time, any Place, any Task" ..
2 Russian Spetsnaz Patches with AK and "Spetsnaz" sign. ..
Russian Spetsnaz Officers warm military olive sweater. Special tactical warm winter sweatshirt with ..
Russian Army military SPETSNAZ tag with lizard - "Any Time, any Place, any Task". ..
Famous Russian urban olive boots COBRA 12031 with speed lacing feature. Modern assault tactical boot..
Spetsnaz SWAT Tiger Military Game Airsoft Khaki Embroidered Patch #1 Size 70 x 90 mm ( 3.75 x 3.6 i..
Gorka 5 Frog camo suit Russian Spetsnaz tactical FLEECE uniform, winter type on fleece lining with h..
Special military hat, made for Russian Spetsnaz troopers. Popular among airsofters and hikers. Desig..
Russian Army Spetsnaz Special Forces Sleeve Patch AK-47 Fist Size 100 x 75 mm ( 3.94 x 2.95 inch ) ..
Russian modern BDU tactical camouflage uniform Gorka 3E Frog pattern, also called Partizan. Translat..
$149.95 $129.95
Multicam version of Gorka 3 famous uniform, these suits were developed and are still in use by the R..
Costume GORKA-3 (with buttons) Fabric - 100% cotton - tent cloth with VO impregnation. High-q..
Special forces Russian military high black boots with quick lacing feature. Genuine leather, tactica..
Powerful modern assault system Beetle is equipped with a functional system of belts and suspenders, ..
Black modern tactical anatomical T-shirt GIURS (Гюрза), used with GORKA Special forces suits. Tactic..
Assault combat vest "Rock" is designed to carry AK series magazines, as well as auxiliary equipment ..
Camo field Spetsnaz Russian digital pixel cap.Good quality. The hat comes with the badge. ..
Russian Army MVD Spetsnaz Uniform Sleeve Patch Size 100 x 75 mm ( 3.94 x 2.95 inch ) ..