6SH122 Russian digital masking uniform 2 sided reversible double camo Ratnik BDU

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Reversible camouflage BDU uniform 6SH122 from Ratnik (warrior) combat gear kit for sale. Russian spectre camo pattern (light and dark). Universal masking suit consists of jacket and trousers. Features of the model and color of fabrics allow to wear it both face and back side (green or brown), depending on the need for a type of camouflage. Jacket model Anorak (put on over the head), it has two patch pockets at the belt, with the valves. Armpits ventilation - eyelets. Lashing for attaching additional masking (branches). Masking-mosquito net on the face. All fasteners are buttons on the tape.There are two back patch pockets with valves. Two lateral slots for access to the inside of clothing pockets. The most current camouflage cloak model 6SHA122 used by Russian Army troopers in ISIS.

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