Suit ACU with black MULTICAM camouflage TM BARS

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The costume of the ACU is designed according to the analog of the NATO suit. All the details of the original costume are taken into account in production. The strength of the material Rip-Stop (57% cotton, 43% polyester) allows you to use the suit in different conditions. On the jacket there are special Velcro for fixing the identification marks. All the straps and pockets are located just like the original costume.

The overall set of the suit includes a jacket and trousers.There are 6 pockets on the jacket: 2 chest's pockets and 2 pockets on each sleeve. Trousers has 8 pockets: 2 habitual pockets on the front, 2 back pockets and 2 tactical pockets on each leg. All of the pockets on the suit are masked very well and hard recognizable on the ground.

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