Team Fortress 2 Blue Medic Embroidered game Iron-on/Velcro patch

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The physician is a "gloomy Teutonic genius" who heals and cripples his charges without the slightest regard for professional ethics. There is sometimes work on the front lines for his syringe gun and medical saw, but that’s not why his teammates love him.

The Medic's main weapon is the Medi Gun. While she is targeting a comrade, he receives an additional bonus up to 150% of his maximum health. After the Medic stops healing, this bonus will slowly taper towards the maximum health for the patient's class. This effect is called overheating.
New, great quality patch! Perfect for jackets, vests, hats, totes, bags, costumes, or many other apparel types of occasions.

Size: 90 mm (3'5 inches)

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