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Russian Navy black fur hat ushanka with badge, designed for marines officers winter use. Made of fur..
Russian modern tactical winter gloves from BTK group. Used by most military formation in Russia. Mad..
Hats worn by Navy Officers in winter. You can open the ears of the hat and tie under the chin for ma..
Tactical leather Russian warm winter boots by Faradei. Winter season made for Russian Army spec..
Special warm pixel camouflage sweater made for Russian Officers use. Made of wool with reinforcing c..
Russian Spetsnaz Officers warm military olive sweater. Special tactical warm winter sweater with a p..
Modern Russian extra warm military uniform VKBO (all-season base equipment kit) Ratnik digital camou..
$149.95 $99.95
Russian Army surplus vest from VKBO kit. It combines thermal insulation function, windproof and mois..
$49.95 $34.95
Soviet winter Extremely warm russian army Polar Arctic real Sheep and Dog woolen boots.Very war..
New military camouflage winter jacket with hood and warm lining. Now used in Ukraine Army ATO anti-t..
Independent sources of heat 'AIST 6E3 '- individual disposable warmers. The set includes 4 pieces of..
Special polar trekking boots MALAMUTE made for heavy Russian winter, extra warm. Perfect for crossin..
Russian Army Generals modern digital camouflage uniform size 56-3 (US 46 regular). Consists of super..
Russian Military black extra warm airsoft tactical winter sweater. This Russian black-colored milita..
Warm brown navy gloves for sailors winter use. Sheep's fur lining inside, brown mittens made for Rus..