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Soviet Army award Badge "FOR EXCELLENT SHOOTING". The badge is new, hot enamel. ..
Khaki military Afghanistan officers visor hat. Used in Russian Army in Soviet Union by officers duri..
Soviet Union Russian Military Leather Warm Boots Air Force USSR   ​Soviet leather boots w..
New military camouflage winter jacket with hood and warm lining. Now used in Ukraine Army ATO anti-t..
Independent sources of heat 'AIST 6E3 '- individual disposable warmers. The set includes 4 pieces of..
Russian Military black extra warm airsoft tactical winter sweater. This Russian black-colored milita..
$56.93 $44.95
Warm brown navy gloves for sailors winter use. Sheep's fur lining inside, brown mittens made for Rus..
Russian Army Marines military camouflage gloves. Flora pattern, warm lining inside, mittens given to..
Soviet Union NKVD (National Commissariat of Internal Affairs) badge. The badge is new, hot enamel. ..
Tactical leather Russian warm winter boots by Faradei. Winter season made for Russian Army spec..
Original USSR military 1sc class specialist badge for sale, used in Soviet Army in 60's - 70's (made..
The cap comes with additional face mask which is connected to the hat for protection from the sand (..
Those gloves were given to Soviet Army Officers in winter. Natural fur inside. They have 2 free fing..
The badge is new, 1802-2002 Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs 200 years Anniversary. ..
75 years Anniversary Airborne Troops Paratrooper badge. The badge is new, given to Spetsnaz Paratroo..
Established by Alexander III, given for exploits during campaigns and wars. Diameter 39mm. Made of b..
This medal was awarded to all military ranks, also volunteers, militiamen and various civilian maid ..
Award badge "FOR EXCELLENT SERVICE in RUSSIAN MINISTRY of INTERNAL AFFAIRS". The badge is new, given..
Soviet special Award badge with Vladimir Lenin. This badge was given for special merits. New conditi..
BEST MVD SOLDIER Soviet metal badge with Saint George. The badge is new, the Best Soldier of Ministr..
Russian MVD badge "EXCELLENT MILITIAMAN". The badge is new, given to Russian Policemen. ..
Big Soviet badge "EXCELLENT FIREMAN". The badge is new, given to Firemen in USSR for special merits...
Modern warmed tactical baseball cap of Python Forest camo pattern. Made of modern softshell fabrics...
Founded in 1912 by Nicolas II. In 1814 the Manifesto gave the right to descendants of the war partic..
Soviet badge "FIREMAN FEDERATION OF USSR". The badge is new, hot enamel. ..
Fleece Gorka 3 Moss warm tactical Russian modern winter uniform Tactical winter suit Gorka 3 MOSS..
Gorka 3 MOSS FLEECE warm Russian modern winter uniform Tactical winter suit Gorka 3 MOSS camo on ..
Tactical winter suit Gorka 3 camouflage on fleece lining with hood. High-quality Russian uniform for..
Great Soviet Award military Order of Victory - replica copy. The Order of Victory (Russian: Орд..
Russian anniversary medal with Vladimir Lenin. 1. Medal to commemorate 140 anniversary of the bir..