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Original Soviet Army groundsheet, called plash palatka, in Russian плащ-палатка. Like new condition,..
Military cap, made of camouflage fabric. Great for fishing, hunting and military service. Thanks to ..
George Washington (February 22, 1732 – December 14, 1799) was an American political leader, military..
Benjamin Franklin (January 17, 1706 – April 17, 1790) was an American polymath and one of the Foundi..
Old style WW2 German black leather boots Bundeswehr. Continental sole, size 38 (US 5 / UK 4). ..
Russian tactical / airsoft camouflage military uniform "Thunder" made of strong and durable ripstop ..
A set of elongated underwear consists of a sweatshirt and pants. A sweatshirt with a round neck, an ..
Statutory short thermal underwear from the VKPO kit. It is intended for use by personnel of the Arme..
Russian tactical Thunder combat shirt GIURZ MOSS pattern "Grom"  1)Shirts base consists of qua..
Special night underwear designed for Russian army officers use. Modern military quality mesh clothin..
Military VKBO fleece thermal underwear layer 2 from BTK made for Russian Army use. A set of fleece u..
6SHA120 digital camo universall shelter designed to protect troops from rain and wind. Russian soldi..
White Russian military cotton undercollar for military jackets "Podvorotnichok". Podvorotnichok is a..
Anniversary badge "100 Years of Russian Underwater Forces". The badge is new, 1906-2006 - to the sh..
Soviet 8mm movie camera EKRAN with Underwater Box "DOLPHIN". The camera uses 8mm film, additional tr..
Next generation Russian tactical ripstop A-TACS camouflage uniform Thunder. Jacket with stand collar..
Special Soviet military rubberized groundsheet coat. Good protection from the rain and snow, never u..
Russian Badge with Emperor PETER I - "Peter I - The Founder of Saint-Petersburg" in 1703 ..
Golden buckle for belt with eagle - Russian Federal boundary service. ..
Russian equipment Cover under a small infantry shovel SPON SSO airsoft ..
Soviet special navy badge "100 Years of Russian Underwater Fleet". The badge is new, 100 years Anni..
Sigmund Freud (Sigismund Schlomo Freud) was an Austrian neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysi..
Soviet UNDERWATER FLEET EMBLEM badge. The badge is new, USSR Underwater Fleet Emblem. ..
Soviet Navy special badge "100 Years to USSR Underwater Fleet". The badge is new, 100 years Anniver..
Digital flora underpants from Army of Russia. Made for Spetsnaz troopers. 100% cotton, permanent tin..
Military special camo groundsheet used in Ukrainian Army BDU pattern. Comes with carry bag. New cond..
USSR Warm Russian Army Military Underwear.Unused underwear, new condition. Soviet army underwear 80-..
Russian Army underwear trousers, made for Officers winter use. 100% cotton, all sizes available. ..
Fox Hound MGS Embroidered Sew-on Patches #1 Size 105x95(4.13x3.74 inch) ..