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Special Forces Tiger Spetsnaz Claw mark Russian embroidery sew-on patch Size 90mm ( 3.54 inch ) ..
Russian Marines Military Metal Tag "Any Time, any Place, any Task" ..
Spetsnaz SWAT Tiger Military Game Airsoft Khaki Embroidered Patch #1 Size 70 x 90 mm ( 3.75 x 3.6 i..
Combat discharge system "Tiger" load bearing vest allows you to evenly distribute the weight of the ..
Spetsnaz summer military uniform, dark-green "reed" pattern. High-quality Russian military uniform, ..
Russian Army special forces summer camouflage hat, pattern "green reed" called Tiger. Used with simi..
Russian Army embroidery patch with tiger - Internal Troops East district. Dimensions 10 x 10cm or 4"..
MARINES Award BADGE - Star with tiger. The badge is new, given to Marines for special tasks. ..
Special MARINES Award MEDAL - Anchor with TIGER. The medal is new, given to Marines for special tas..
Soviet "MARINES of PACIFIC OCEAN Fleet" badge with tiger. The badge is new, hot enamel. ..