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Soviet winter Extremely warm russian army Polar Arctic real Sheep and Dog woolen boots.Very war..
Assault combat vest "Rock" is designed to carry AK series magazines, as well as auxiliary equipment ..
Russian military visor cap, made for USSR Army Officers of Internal Troops. New and never used, come..
Zombie Hunter Embroidery Handmade Patch 95 x 95 mm (3.7" x 3.7")   ..
Ukrainian new coin 10 UAH made in 2018, dedicated to the Day of the Ukrainian volunteer. Features..
Military gray fur ushanka hat for Russian Officers use. Genuine soft sheepskin with painted sheep fu..
Summer camouflage "KZM-1" masking suit green digital Russian pattern. High-quality Russian military ..
Russian Army necessaire kit, consists of cosmetics and personal hygiene means, also sewing, cleaning..
“Shark Polartec” is a new demi-season version of “Shark” boots. Black predatory design, modern br..
Plate is made of stainless food steel for Russian Army field use, it will not rust or oxidize. Diame..
Model 411 "HARPY FLEECE" is light and comfortable, made of soft, high-quality leather, which guarant..
High-quality materials are used in this model. The most important qualities are water and wear resis..
High-quality materials are used in this model. Boots are made of genuine Velor leather, and in the m..
The belt was made for USSR Naval Fleet, worn by Soviet seamen. Like new condition, never used. Belt ..
USSR winter General Black Russian Suede Leather Overcoat, made  on USSR military factory. Warm&..
Soviet Army winter white ushanka hat. Made for Officers use with white overcoat. Genuine sheep fur, ..
Russian winter white fur earflaps ushanka hat for sale. Made for Officers use, warm and stylish. Whi..
Balaclava assault mask black color comfortable modern suit combines a mask and a hood, it is possibl..
The newest anti-fragmentation goggles 6B50 recently adopted by the Armed Forces of the Russian Feder..
Russian Federation modern black visor cap, designed for Navy Fleet office use. Hat comes with yellow..
Modern BTK VKBO raincoat has the following features: - Breathable fabric with wind / waterproof mem..
Tactical airsoft goggles 6B34 provide eye protection against splinters, bumps and short-term exposur..
Russian Army 6SH112 Universal Modular Transporting Battle System. Standard base for UMTBS (Universal..
Masking suit of the new generation Ratnik BARS "Amoeba" - "North" (double-sided) BDU. Was created fo..
Special white masking suit in blot pattern klaksa for Russian army snipers use. Consists of trousers..
Soviet Army military uniform - Russian gimnasterka (jacket) + portupeya belt with Makarov PM holster..
Special warm winter gloves, made for Russian Army soldiers and officers. Digital flora pattern, also..
Windbreaker jacket BTK with two-zippered zipper with chin protection and a collar-stand for sale. Mo..
$49.95 $24.95
Russian Army Generals modern digital camouflage uniform size 56-3 (US 46 regular). Consists of super..
Russian Military black extra warm airsoft tactical winter sweater. This Russian black-colored milita..