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Summer camouflage US Digital KLM masking suit  Marpat pattern. High-quality Russian military un..
Usual white cotton classical t-shirt popular in all times and all countries. Good fabrics and qualit..
KZS is a means of individual protection and masking, BDU treated with fire retardant agent. Russian ..
Winter uniform Dubok - military woodland oak leaf camo jacket and trousers with suspenders, made for..
Soviet military winter MASKING UNIFORM. It is used for Russian sinpers masking in the snow. Put on o..
Warm winter hat papakha (widespread among the peoples of the Caucasus and Central Asia) made of brow..
Camouflage military T-shirt,modern camo pattern Izlom Bundeswehr. ..
Soviet Navy Fleet shoulder boards with stars, made for Russian sailors parade use. Length about 5". ..